4 ways to make customers fall in love with your company

By: Amanda Bradley.
May 15, 2017.

A crucial part of having a successful business is knowing how to treat your customers. Nurturing those relationships to show that you really do have their best interests at the forefront and see them as an individual has never been more important.

After all, in this age of automation it is easy for an non-personal or non-relevant communication to push an unsatisfied customer over the edge, and the last thing you want is for them to share that bad experience with the masses through social media.

That being said not all negative feedback has to stay that way – You can easily turn a negative into a positive by demonstrating a swift and personal response which demonstrates your company’s dedication to good customer service.

So what can you be doing to develop your customer’s relationship with you and turn it into love?

1. Genuinely Interact with your customers

Don’t act as a faceless business. It’s important to have a two-way dialogue with your customer and truly listen to what they have to say and think about your best response before replying. Try to be as personal as you can, tell them your name and assure them that you are going to do your best to resolve their query, but don’t come on too strong either.

2. Continue to satisfy and build trust

It’s a good idea to gather feedback from your customers to see how you can improve your offerings and emphasize how dedicated you are to customer service. Send out some satisfaction surveys or organize Focus Groups and customers will appreciate feeling part of your business process. Treat your most loyal customers with special offers or even just a special personal message to let them know how much you value their input. Basically treat your customer like a valued partner.

3. The Customer is Always Right

No matter what the circumstance is, remember that the customer is always right. To encourage your employees to follow this premise make sure you have a good customer service policy written out which can also be shared with customers on your website to demonstrate your dedication to customer experience and user experience.

4. Stand out from the competition – offer something unique

Offering your customers, a unique and personalised experience on your website is a great way to stay ahead of the competition and encourage brand loyalty. Our Channl solution can provide you with a free online store which will come fully branded with your logo along with preloaded promotional products from our trusted suppliers.

Your customers will have everything they need to easily browse hundreds of products, customise and checkout within minutes.

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