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Go to Ecommerce > View Order

On this page, you'll be able to view complete, incomplete, cancelled and archived orders.

ID: Order number listed on the system. The unique number can be used by the customer to reference their order

Order Date: Date the order was initially placed

Status: Current status of order. Note: The 'On Account' status means that the order has been submitted and finalized, but no transaction has taken place as of yet.

View Current Orders
View Current Orders

Destination: Delivery address provided by recipient

Total: Quantity and value of products placed on the order

Approval: You'll notice an approve button alongside the View button. This is the option you need to click to progress the order into the suppliers system

Filtering Orders

Fiter your orders by incomplete, complete, cancelled and archived. To do this, select the filter of your choice rather than the 'all' option.

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